What’s the best time to have a birthday party?

Answer: Most popular party times are 11:00 to 1pm and 3pm to 5pm. This is because both these times coincide with normal eating times for the kids (lunch and tea). We can come to your house or you could hire a hall. Let us know if you need any suggestions for a hall to hire.

We saw an entertainer quoting £70 in the local paper. Are you expensive or are they cheap?

Answer: Please don’t be fooled by unbelievably cheap prices. Like any other industry we have cowboys as well. Ask to go see them work first and you’ll probably discover that cheapness and quality rarely go hand in hand. Even if you don’t book me, to ensure you’re booking a professional, you could also consider hiring someone who’s a member of a trade association for that extra peace of mind. I’m a member of Equity which means I have to adhere to a strict code of conduct – but there are many others.

Do you have a DBS check?

Answer: Yes, our squeaky clean DBS can be sent to organisations that require it.

How far do you travel?

Answer: I work all over Kent and the south east. I’m actually based in Maidstone and most of my work is in Kent and South London. The prices advertised include travel and are fixed for anywhere in Kent. There may be a small additional charge for other areas.

My daughter gets freaked out by clowns so how do you come dressed?

Answer: I’m not a clown (although my Mum disputes that!). I steer clear of all costumes so hopefully your daughter will feel at ease.

How do we pay for a show?

Answer: When booking a show you don’t have to pay any money upfront. We’ll invoice you nearer the time of the party so you can arrange a bank transfers or credit/debit card payment.

My worse nightmare is the entertainer not turning up and me being left with a hall full of kids. Are you reliable?

Answer: Sadly, all too often we hear of people who have been let down at the last minute and predictably it’s always the cheapies or those who aren’t members of trade associations like Equity. So, even if you don’t book me, please hire someone who’s a member of an association like Equity for that extra peace of mind.

Do you have any video footage?

Answer: 99% of the parties we perform at are private birthdays where I obviously can’t take footage. Often parents share footage from parties on their own private social media sites but it wouldn’t be acceptable to share in the public domain without the permission of other parents whose children appear in it. However, there are plenty of testimonials and reviews across the web where you can read about real customers experiences.

Can you do your shows outdoors?

Answer: I know there’s a temptation to have your party outside in the summer and it can be a pleasant change for me to work outside. However in my experience garden parties never work as well. The problem is there are normally too many distractions like swings, slides, trampolines and other games and toys around the garden. Also the sunlight itself can be a hindrance because the kids get agitated having to sit in the sunlight watching. And my cool party lighting won’t show up either so all-in-all I suggest you have the show indoors and then if it’s a nice day you could have a party picnic outside after the show.

Shall we invite the children to arrive half hour before the show to make sure they’re all there in time?

Answer: That’s not necessary and not recommended. In reality most children turn up for parties early and when there’s nothing for them to do they’ll just end up running around going crazy. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve arrived at venues to find a hall full of kids going bananas and a Mum or Dad in the corner pulling their hair out. Here’s an example of how things work best. If you’re having a party 3pm to 5pm I’ll arrive at 2.30pm to set up before everyone else arrives. I’ll play background music as the early ones come in, then just after 3pm I’ll start the entertainment.

If we’re having our party in a hall do we book an entertainer or the hall first?

Answer: It’s best to secure an entertainer first. Once you’ve chosen the entertainer ask them what slots they have available and book the hall around that. If you get the hall first you may find the entertainer you want is already booked. The hall and time is irrelevant to the overall success of the party so securing your chosen entertainer should be your first consideration.