1. Highly recommended

Read the testimonials and rave reviews to see for yourself that James has a proven track record of creating fabulous events.

2. Fully experienced

Over 3000 shows in the past 10 years.

3. Versatile

Shows are tailor-made and adapt to your group whatever your party or event.

4. Self-contained

Shows are completely self-contained and hassle-free. We will bring a PA system, lights and even prizes as necessary.

5. Variety

James can provide a comedy magic show, a fun-packed kids disco show or most popular of all, you can have a mixture of both at no extra cost!

6. Reliable

No let downs. On the rare occasion James is unable to work due to illness he has always arranged someone else ensuring the event remains stress and worry-free for you.

7. Fully registered

For complete peace of mind, James is a member of Equity and abides by its code of conduct. He also has Public Liability insurance and any electrical equipment used has a health and safety test certificate.